Justin Alger

Research Interests: Global environmental politics, energy governance and political economy.

Entered PhD: Fall 2011

Email: alger.justinw@gmail.com

Dissertation: The Political Economy of Marine Conservation

Supervisor: Peter Dauvergne

Committee: Yves Tiberghien, Simon Donner (UBC Geography)

Dissertation Summary: My work looks at the growing global trend toward massive marine protected areas (MPAs) exceeding 260,000km2. This trend reflects a major shift in marine conservation strategy, with all but one of the current 12 large MPAs established in the past decade. My research is concerned with why and how states make these decisions, and what this new trend means for marine conservation efforts. The answer, I propose, is not strictly about biodiversity protection. States make marine conservation decisions not foremost to protect biodiversity, but to further various economic interests by insuring that they have buy-in from industry. This political economy explanation suggests that the outcome is a trend toward massive MPAs that has mixed results for effective marine conservation.

About: Justin Alger is a doctoral candidate in the Political Science department majoring in international relations, with a focus on global environmental politics. He holds an MA in International Affairs from Carleton University’s Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, as well as a BA (Honours) from McMaster University in History, with a minor in Business. Prior to beginning his doctoral work at UBC, Justin was a researcher at the Canadian Centre for Treaty Compliance (CCTC), working on various projects funded by the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and the Canadian government. He was one of the primary researchers on the Nuclear Energy Futures Project, which examined the future prospects of and global governance implications for nuclear energy.

Scholarships and Awards

2013-2015       Izaak Walton Memorial Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

2013-2015       SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship

2012-2016       UBC Four-Year Fellowship

2011                UBC Faculty of Arts Graduate Award

2011                James and Setsuko Thurlow Scholarship in Peace and Disarmament Studies

2008                Graduate Research Award for Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-Proliferation

2007-2008       William Barton Award in Arms Control and Disarmament

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The ‘nuclear revival’: taking stock, managing concerns.Trust and Verify, Issue 130. London: Verification Research, Training and Information Centre, September 2010.

 “Nuclear Energy and Climate Change: Our Planetary Savior?” (with Trevor Findlay). Zurich: International Relations and Security Network, August 2010.

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POLI 260: Introduction to Global Politics

September 2011 – April 2015

Professor Robert Farkasch

POLI 369T: Living With Nuclear Weapons? Arms Control and Verification Technologies

September – December 2014

Professor Matt Yedlin

POLI 110: Investigating Politics: An Introduction to Scientific Political Analysis

September – December 2013

Professor Alan Jacobs

POLI 369D: Terrorism

January – April 2013

Professor Robert Farkasch

POLI 351: Environmental Politics and Policy

January – April 2013

Professor George Hoberg

POLI 375A:  Global Environmental Politics

September – December 2012

Professor Sarah Burch