Justin Alger

Justin Alger | alger.justinw@gmail.com

Justin is a doctoral candidate in the political science department in the final stages of his degree. He specializes in global environmental politics and international relations. He defends his doctoral dissertation, “The Political Economy of Marine Conservation,” in June 2017. His work focuses on global environmental norm diffusion and the political economy of environmental policy bargaining processes. He documents the emergence of a new norm of large marine protected areas (>200,000 km2) in global marine conservation, as states respond to growing evidence of rapid ocean decline. Justin holds an MA in international affairs (Carleton University), and an Honours BA in history, with a minor in business (McMaster University).

Selected Publications

Justin Alger and Peter Dauverge (Forthcoming). “The Global Norm of Large Marine Protected Areas: Explaining Variable Adoption and Implementation.” Environmental Policy & Governance.

Justin Alger and Peter Dauvergne (2017). “The Politics of Pacific Ocean Conservation: Lessons from the Pitcairn Islands Marine Reserve.” Pacific Affairs 90 (1): 29-50.

Peter Dauvergne and Justin Alger, eds. (forthcoming 2018). A Research Agenda for Global Environmental Politics. Northampton: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Justin Alger and Peter Dauvergne (forthcoming 2018). “Introduction: A Research Agenda for Global Environmental Politics.” In A Research Agenda for Global Environmental Politics, edited by Peter Dauvergne and Justin Alger. Northampton: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Justin Alger (forthcoming 2018). “Large Marine Protected Areas and Ocean Resilience: Stakeholder Conflict in Pelagic Seas.” In Climate Change and Ocean Governance: Politics and Policy for Threatened Seas, edited by Paul Harris. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Courses Taught 

POLI 110 – Investigating Politics: An Introduction to Scientific Political Analysis

POLI 260 – Introduction to Global Politics


2016                  Endeavour Research Fellowship

2016                  Sutton MacGregor Doctoral Student Research Award in Political Science

2013-2015       Izaak Walton Memorial Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

2013-2015       SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship

2012-2016       UBC Four-Year Fellowship

2011                  UBC Faculty of Arts Graduate Award

2011                  James and Setsuko Thurlow Scholarship in Peace and Disarmament Studies

2008                 Graduate Research Award for Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-Proliferation

2007-2008       William Barton Award in Arms Control and Disarmament