Congratulations to Augustín Goenaga – Fellowship, Royal Swedish Academy of Letters Augustín Goenaga (PhD 2015) has been awarded a fellowship from the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, providing him with another 3-5 years of funding at Lund University, allowing him to devote 80% percent of his time to his research! Augustín is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Political Science at Lund University in […]

Congratulations to Danika Hammond on being named a Wesbrook Scholar Congratulations to Danika Hammond on being selected as a Wesbrook Scholar, one of UBC’s most prestigious designations, awarded annually to 20 senior students with outstanding academic performance, leadership, and involvement in student and community activities.* Danika is a fourth-year, double Major in Political Science and First Nations and Indigenous Studies. In reflecting on being selected […]

Joint Book Launch: Celebrating new books by Sheryl Lightfoot and Coll Thrush In collaboration with First Nations and Indigenous Studies and the History Department, we held a book launch on February 2, 2017 to celebrate the release of two new books on Global Indigeneities: Global Indigenous Politics: a Subtle Revolution (2016) By Sheryl Lightfoot Associate Professor of Political Science and First Nations and Indigenous Studies, and Canada […]

Statements in response to the U.S. executive order February 2nd, 2017 Both UBC and the Canadian Political Science Association have issued responses to the recent US executive order on immigration. Full Details Below. Statement in response to U.S. executive order Santa Ono, UBC President The University of British Columbia is deeply concerned about a new executive order signed by President Trump on Friday preventing […]

New Washington Post Articles – Professor Paul Quirk, PhD Candidate Eric Merkley Professor Paul Quirk’s co-authored article, ‘Here’s how we’ll know if Trump engages in secret surveillance‘, December 15, 2016. Privacy advocates are deeply worried about how President-elect Donald Trump will use the investigative and surveillance capabilities of the Justice Department, the FBI and the National Security Agency. One fear is that he will skirt the law to […]

Richard Johnston Wins Humboldt Research Award Professor Richard Johnston has been awarded a prestigious Humboldt Research Award which recognizes outstanding academics at the peak of their careers. The award is granted in recognition of a researcher’s entire achievements to date to academics whose fundamental discoveries, new theories, or insights have had a significant impact on their own discipline and who are […]

Congratulations to Anastasia Shesterinina on her new tenure-track position Congratulations to Anastasia Shesterinina (PhD 2014) on her new tenure-track position of Lecturer in Politics/International Politics at the Department of Politics, at the University of Sheffield in the UK! She will begin her new position in January 2017. Anastasia’s main research area is internal dynamics of armed conflict, and she is currently a SSHRC Postdoctoral […]

Department Commentary: US President-Elect, Donald Trump NEW Washington Post Articles: Professor Paul Quirk’s co-authored article, ‘Here’s how we’ll know if Trump engages in secret surveillance‘, December 15, 2016. PhD Candidate Eric Merkley, ‘Here’s how Canadian news media created a ‘Trump of the North’’, December 14, 2016. *Page Last Updated: December 19, 2016   Department Commentary: Memebers of our Department have been […]

Video: Johnston on the US electoral landscape The battle for the Republican nomination defied prediction and challenged much of what we thought we knew about parties in the United States. Many believed that Donald Trump was a creature of the media, doomed to obscurity once they lost interest. Instead, he activated potential Republican constituencies that had long been dormant. Something of the […]

Barbara Arneil on the Public Sector’s Glass Ceiling   Glass ceiling still in place for public sector employees By Tara Carman Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may have introduced a gender-balanced cabinet “because it’s 2015,” but that equality does not extend to public servants in B.C., where the vast majority of the highest-paid employees are men. An analysis of The Sun’s exclusive public sector […]