Assistant Professor

Gyung-Ho Jeong (Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis, 2008) studies American politics, focusing on Congress. He has projects on congressional politics of civil rights, immigration, trade, and foreign policy. He is also interested in party politics (party polarization and party position change) and the politics of bureaucratic delegation. His research has appeared in the American Political Science Review, the American Journal of Political Science, the Journal of Politics, and Political Analysis.

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Winter 2017

POLI333A Issues in Comparative Politics - ISSUES COMP PLTC Sections

An examination of a major issue in comparative politics (e.g., the media, gender, nationalism, ethnic conflict). Topics will vary from year to year.

Winter 2017

POLI320A Government and Politics of the United States of America - GOVRT&POLTCS USA Sections

The distinctive political system of the U.S. Covers all major institutions and processes, focusing on contemporary issues. Comparisons with the Canadian system. Sources of political failure and possible reform.

Winter 2017

POLI516B Issues in Comparative Politics - COMPAR POLITICS Sections

Winter 2017

POLI420C Advanced Topics in Comparative Politics - ADV TPCS CMP PLI Sections

Seminar in comparative analysis of politics in democratic systems. For specific content in a given year, consult the departmental website.

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