Jennifer Allan

Jen Iris Allan, PhD, studies why social movements and NGOs representing social issues started working on climate change, around the same time. She is interested in how global environmental politics shift when social movements put a human face on climate change and other environmental problems. She enjoys conducting extensive interviews with passionate representatives of non-governmental organizations and social movements as they work to bring justice to global governance practices surrounding climate change. These insights are supplemented with quantitative network analysis.

Her research benefits from her work with Earth Negotiations Bulletin. As a writer and team leader, Jen has attended over 20 meetings where states negotiate climate change, and chemicals and wastes management. The access provided through this work has yielded numerous insights into how states and non-state actors develop and implement international environmental policy.

Jen has also published on the politics among developing countries involved in the negotiations over reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD+) and currently has other projects underway regarding the role of the developing countries in international environmental governance.