2015 PhD Students

Andreas Osthagen

Fields: International Relations (Maritime Boundaries), Comparative Politics
Previous Degrees: MSc, London School of Economics; BA, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Fabio Resmini

Fields: Comparative, International Relations
Previous Degrees: MA, UBC; MA, Università di Bologna; BA, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan

Gudrun Arnadottir

Fields: International Relations, International Indigenous Rights
Previous Degrees: Diploma in Global Studies, Anthropology Department, University of Iceland; MA, Nationalism and Minority Rights, Central European University; BA, Political Science, University of Iceland

Hema Nadarajah

Fields: International Relations
Previous Degrees: M. Environment, Australian National University; BSc Honours, University of Toronto

Kaleigh Heard

Fields: International Relations
Previous Degrees: MA, Royal Military College of Canada; BA, University Western Ontario

Katherine Walker

Fields: Political Theory; Indigenous Political Theory including Treaties & Federalism; Land & Place-based Politics, Politics of Identity & Non-Domination
Previous Degrees: MA, Political Science, University of Saskatchewan; MBA, Edwards School of Business; BA Honours, Political Studies, University of Saskatchewan; B.Journ, Ryerson University

Nojang Khatami

Fields: Political Theory, Comparative Politics
Previous Degrees: MA, Political Science, UBC; BA Honours, English, Philosophy & Spanish, University of Toronto

Stefano Burzo

Fields: International Relations, International Political Economy
Previous Degrees: MA, UBC and University of Florence; BA, University of Bologna

Xavier Deschenes Philion

Fields: Canadian
Previous Degrees: BA and MA, Quebec in Montreal