2017 PhD Students

2017 Entrance Cohort

Ai En Isabel Chew

Fields: Comparative
Previous Degrees: MA, University of Hawaii at Manoa; BA, Waseda University, Japan

Antonin Lacelle-Webster

Fields: Political Theory, Comparative Politics
Previous Degrees: MA, Université de Sherbrooke; BA, UQAM

Denali Youngwolfe

Fields: Indigenous Studies, Intersecting sovereignties, Genocide, Settler-Colonialism
Previous Degrees: MA, Indigenous Studies, University of Saskatchewan; BA, Indigenous Studies, Simon Fraser University

EniIda Veronica Hurtado Lozada

Fields: Comparative Politics
Previous Degrees: MA, Political Science, UBC; BA, Political Science PUCP, Peru

Henrik Jacobsen

Fields: Comparative Politics, Public Administration
Previous Degrees: Mphil Politics, Comparative Government, University of Oxford; BA International Politics & History, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany

John Querengesser

Fields: Comparative Politics, Canadian Politics
Previous Degrees: MA, McMaster University; BA, University of Western Ontario

Joshua Weiner

Fields: International Relations
Previous Degrees: BA and MA, York University

Li Peng

Fields: Political Economy, Public Policy, Development, Poverty and Inequality
Previous Degrees: BA, Singapore Management University

Lilit Anna Klein

Fields: International Relations, IR Theory, US Foreign Policy
Previous Degrees: MSc, International Relations Theory, London School of Economics and Political Science; BA, International Relations, University of Durham

Paolo Andre Sosa Villargarcia

Fields: State Capacities, Subnational Politics and Political Economy, Party Building, Social Movements
Previous Degrees: BA, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Sun Ryung Park

Fields: Political Economy, Trade Disputes, Chinese Politics, US-China Relations
Previous Degrees: BA and MA, Political Science, Korea University, Seoul, Republic of Korea