Department Advisors on Policies and Procedures

  1. Three persons are designated Department Advisors on Policy and Procedures (DAPPs) — one graduate student, one undergraduate student in the major or honours program, and one faculty member. These individuals are to be chosen, respectively, by the PSGSA and the PSSA and by the Head to serve one-year terms.
  2. The function of the department advisors on Policy and Procedures will be to provide students and faculty with information and advice regarding concerns about matters including equity related issues, discrimination, harassment, academic freedom, grades, or classroom conduct or course management. Students and faculty are to be informed about departmental and university policies and mechanisms, and if they have potential complaints, about the courses of action open to them. DAPPS are not to express any opinions on the merits of potential complaints.
  3. The DAPPs, individually or collectively, are to have no investigative role.
  4. The DAPPs are to operate under conditions of strict They are to function separately with regard to the individuals seeking their counsel. They may consult together with the Head concerning general policy matters. They are to keep minimal records of their activities, sufficient only for the purpose of producing the annual report of the Equity and Academic Freedom Advisory Committee.
  5. That the three Advisors on Policy and Procedures should receive training from the Equity Office and/or other relevant university offices.
  6. Once the first set of DAPPs are chosen, they are to meet as a committee with the Head and the Graduate and Undergraduate Advisors to establish procedures for the operation of the DAPP service. Each year thereafter a similarly constituted group should meet to review these procedures, introducing changes as necessary.