Reasonable Accommodation

Accommodation of Academic Requirements

a) As in the past, accommodation of academic requirements will be considered in response to students’ special circumstances arising from illness, disability, and religious observance.

b) It is primarily the student’s responsibility to pay his/her own tuition and living expenses. However, accommodation of academic requirements will be considered in cases of unanticipated economic constraints.

c) Accommodation will be considered in the event of special circumstances associated with parenthood and other family responsibilities. The department will be especially flexible toward either parent during the period of several months after a child is born.

d) While additional faculty advising may be provided, deadlines for assignments or comprehensive exams will not be extended because a student is having academic difficulty.

Requests for accommodation of departmental program requirements will be evaluated by the Director of the Graduate Program, in consultation as needed with the student’s supervisor and the Graduate Program Committee. The Graduate Advisor will retain written records of each request and decision. Requests for accommodation of individual course requirements will be evaluated in the first instance by the faculty member teaching the course. Students’ requests for accommodation should be in writing whenever possible, as should the Department response.