Student Status, Course Selection, and Teaching Evaluations

Graduate Student Status

Definition  of  “Full-Time;”  “Part-Time;”  and  “On-Leave”  status  are  given  in  the  Calendar


Approval of Student’s Course Selection

Students do not require the approval of the Department before registering for Department graduate courses.  However, students should discuss their program with the Director of the Graduate Program and their initial academic advisor during the first two weeks of September.  Courses outside the Department’s graduate program do require the approval of the Director of the Graduate Program.


Graduate Courses.

One purpose of courses collectively is to introduce students to a wide variety of ideas, theories, and methodologies in political science.  Course outlines should be made available by the first day of class.  All course outlines should provide a clear written statement of purpose, course requirements, mark breakdown, and a discussion of the criteria the professor will use to evaluate student performance.  When there is more than one component to the grade, students should be informed of their performance on each component.


Student Teaching Evaluations

The Department will ensure that student teaching evaluations are conducted for all graduate courses and that summaries of teaching evaluations from past years will be made available in a timely manner to incoming and continuing graduate students.  For small courses (less than eight students), evaluations will be read only by the Head and Director of the Graduate Program to protect the confidentiality of student responses, and a cumulative multi-year summary will be provided to students and faculty.