Review of the Progress of M.A. Students

  1. Faculty regulations stipulate that “a candidate may be required to withdraw if progress has not been satisfactory.”


  1. Department Policy

a) The basic procedure of the Department is an annual review of each student’s progress, conducted in May.  The review is carried out by the Director of the Graduate Program, who will receive written reports from faculty who have taught or supervised graduate students, and chair a faculty meeting to discuss individual students’ progress. The Director of the Graduate Program will then send a letter, which should be made as concrete and specific as possible, to each student currently in the program, summarizing the student’s performance and evaluations by faculty.

b) Students whose performance is unsatisfactory will either:  (1) be asked to withdraw from the program, or (2) be allowed to remain in the program for a probationary period.  In the latter case, the student will be informed of the specific criteria the Department will apply in reviewing his/her performance during the probationary period.

c) A request that a student withdraw will be made only after thorough discussion by the Department in a formal meeting, and only after every effort has been made to verify the doubts which exist as to the student’s performance, and only after the student has been given an opportunity to present his/her case to the Director of the Graduate Program and to the Department.