PhD Job Market Candidates

Alicia E. Luedke

Field: International Relations

Daniel Westlake

Fields: Canadian politics and comparative multiculturalism
Dissertation: Multiculturalism and Political Parties: Explaining the Positions that Parties Take and Their Influence over Policy Adoption

David Moscrop

Field: Political Theory
Dissertation: The Democratic mind: Cognitive Science and Democratic Citizenship

Jennifer Allan

Field: Environmental Politics
Dissertation: Activists across issues: forum multiplying and the new climate change activism

Priya Bala-Miller

Fields: social impact of global businesses and capital markets

Richard Togman

Fields: international relations, political theory and political economy

Şule Yaylacı

Field: Comparative Politics
Dissertation: The Legacy of Political Violence on the Democratic Landscape: Implications for Bystanders

Will Plowright

Field: International Relations