Alicia E. Luedke

Building on her professional experience working in the development sector in East Africa, Alicia’s doctoral work investigates the impact of UN Resolution 1325 and the broader ‘Women, Peace and Security’ (WPS) Agenda, as well as international prohibitions on sexual violence in war, on armed group practices of rape and other-related offences in conflict. Drawing on extended local fieldwork from understudied conflicts, including South Sudan, where she has worked for a number of years, her proposed research combines the rich detail of ethnographic interviews with survey experiments and conflict-mapping.

Honours & Awards:

Killam Laureate (2016); Vanier Canadian Graduate Scholarship (2015); Liu Scholar (2015) SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship (2015 – Declined); Premier Four Year Fellowship (2015); Faculty of Arts Graduate Award (2015); Political Science Doctoral Entrance Award (2015); Faculty of Arts Graduate Award (2012-2013); Political Science Master of Arts Entrance Award (2012); First Class Honours Standing (2012); Pi Sigma Alpha, National Political Science Honours Society (2012)

Field Research:

South Sudan (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015; 2016); Uganda (2012; 2013; 2014, 2015); Somaliland (2014)

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