PhD Student Miriam Matejova Discusses New Book of Stories on CBC News

UBC Political Science PhD student Miriam Matejova was interviewed on CBC News’ The Early Edition, along with contributor Abeer Yusuf, for their new book of stories, Wherever I Find Myself (Caitlin Press) on April 4, 2017. In Wherever I Find Myselfthe third anthology in the Canadian women series, edited by Matejova, over twenty Canadian immigrant women from a variety of ethnicities and intersecting identities share their diverse and personal stories. The stories touch on much more than the discussion of diversity in Canada, and rather detail the “emotionally complex journey” of immigrant women, including battling feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Click here to listen to the interview. 

Miriam Matejova is a PhD candidate in Political Science, a Vanier Scholar, a Killam Laureate and a Liu Scholar at the University of British Columbia. She is also a Kovler Fellow at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. Her research focus is on intelligence, industrial environmental disasters, risk assessment, disaster planning, and social movements. Her dissertation examines industrial disasters – oil spills, mine leaks and nuclear accidents – and their effects on protest mobilization.