MP Joyce Murray visits Chowdhury’s Security Studies Class

Member of Parliament, Joyce Murray (Vancouver-Quadra), visited Assistant Professor Arjun Chowdhury‘s POLI360 Security Studies class on Tuesday, March 13, 2018.

MP Murray fielded student questions on a range of government policies, including national intelligence, environment, and privacy. She also spoke about her experience in public service and how younger generations can get involved locally/ globally in a non-partisan way. It was a great learning experience for the class.

Chowdhury’s POLI 360A, Security Studies class explores why do people – whether in state armies, rebel groups, or armed gangs – fight each other? The course analyzes two types of conflict: interstate wars and intrastate wars. In each case, the class evaluates the causes (why wars happen), the process of wars (how they are fought, how they end), and policy options for dealing with war (how to stop war, or fight them better).