New Washington Post Articles – Professor Paul Quirk, PhD Candidate Eric Merkley


Professor Paul Quirk’s co-authored article, ‘Here’s how we’ll know if Trump engages in secret surveillance‘, December 15, 2016.

Privacy advocates are deeply worried about how President-elect Donald Trump will use the investigative and surveillance capabilities of the Justice Department, the FBI and the National Security Agency.

One fear is that he will skirt the law to order surveillance of critics and political opponents. A broader worry is that he will use his authority under existing laws to expand the scope of domestic spying. In either case, there are warning signs… Read More.


PhD Candidate Eric Merkley’s, ‘Here’s how Canadian news media created a ‘Trump of the North’’, December 14, 2016.

Donald Trump’s election has left political pundits, data journalists and political scientists scrambling to explain what made his victory possible. Particularly puzzling is Trump’s triumph in the Republican primaries despite widespread opposition by the party establishment.

Some believe Trump prevailed because of a fragmented Republican field that left the party elite unable to decide on a nominee during the invisible primary. Trump capitalized on establishment disarray by mastering earned media. He dominated news cycle after news cycle, which allowed him to get his message out to his supporters for free, while his opponents had to rely on expensive television ads. This allowed Trump to rise above the pack.

If this is the case, Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party may have been possible only because his unique combination of wealth, celebrity and talent for controversy that allowed him to hijack media coverage of the race… Read More.

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