Watch: UBC Political Science Graduate Student Association hosted its 2023 Annual Conference

The UBC Political Science Graduate Student Association hosted its annual conference on May 5 and 6, 2023.

The keynote address was delivered by UBC Political Science Professor Nazmul Sultan and titled, Gandhi and Empire: A Reconsideration.

This year’s conference featured an exciting lineup of presentations covering diverse topics, ranging from extraterrestrial life to right-wing memory politics.

The first panel covered topics related to gaps and boundaries.


  • Yongzheng (Parker) Li and Katherine Poole, UBC
    • Balancing Caution and Progress: Addressing the Artificial Intelligence Governance Gap
  • Hanne Schäfer, UBC
    • Right-Wing Memory Politics and Anti-Immigration Agendas in Contemporary Germany: The German Volk and its Boundaries

The second panel of the conference was titled, “Chocolate, Aliens, and Football, Oh My!”


  • Thomas Calvié UBC
    • Beyond FIFA’s Cosmetic Human Rights Agenda: An Analysis of the Federation’s Human Rights Practices
  • Philippe Granger UBC
    • When Science Fiction Becomes Reality: Global Political Considerations on Extraterrestrial Discovery
  • Katherine Poole UBC
    • From ‘Bean to Bar’: The Role of Chocolate Manufacturing Companies and Voluntary Sustainability Standards on the Supply Chain of Chocolate

The third panel covered topics related to public opinion, perception and lobbying.


  • Richard Foster, UBC
    • Lobbying for What?: An Experimental Study into U.S. Lobbying Perceptions
  • Mo Gasmi, UBC
    • To Satisfice or not to Satisfice: The Effect of Wording on Survey Response
  • Michael Lenko, UBC
    • From Perestroika to Putin: Interest Group Influence in Foreign Policy Making in the Russian Federation
  • Yongzheng (Parker) Li, UBC
    • Perception of the U.S. in Africa: The Impact of Framing on Public Opinion

The fourth and final panel covered topics related to contesting space.


  • Elijah Garber, UBC
    • When the Theoretical Confronted the Practical: Zapatista Territorial Autonomy as Opposition to the Cooperation of State and Capitalism
  • Kael Kropp, UBC
    • Beyond the Green: Golf Courses as Social Objects in Settler-Colonial Cities
  • Eden Luymes, UBC
    • Redefining the “Public” Park: Bylaws, Tent Cities, and Decolonial Commoning
  • Vaishnavi Panchanadam, UBC
    • Cartographic Resistance/Prefigurative World-Building: The Democratic Implications of Indigenous Participatory Mapping

Below is a photo gallery from the conference.