Peggy Kohn’s Recent Talk

Professor Margaret Kohn (photo credit: University of Toronto)

Our Department welcomed University of Toronto Professor Margaret (Peggy) Kohn (PhD Cornell) as a Distinguished Visitor on March 2, 2018. Professor Kohn is a political theorist, and her research interests include the history of political thought, critical theory, social justice, colonialism, and urbanism.

Two of Kohn’s recent research projects have been supported by SSHRC grants, ‘Approaches to Public Goods: Solidarity and Social Justice’ (2015-16 Connection Grant), and Spaces of Civil Disobedience: From Sanctuary to Occupy (2014). Kohn is the former Acting Director of the Centre for Ethics at the University of Toronto (2015-2016), and previously taught at the University of Florida, Gainesville.

To read more about Kohn’s work, click here.

Photos from Talk: