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Paris Lycée Carnot – baccalauréat 1943
Institut d’Etudes Politiques – Paris. Diploma 1947
University of California, Los Angeles. Ph.D. 1955
University of British Columbia, LLD honoris causa 2003

University of Santa Clara, 1955
University of British Columbia, since 1956
University of Ottawa, professeur invité‚ 1992-2002
Aichi Shukutoku University, instructor in the Language and Culture section of the Graduate Program in Communication, 1994-97.



Executive Council of the North Western Political Science Association, 1961-1964
Executive Council of the Canadian Political Science Association, 1963-65; 1966-68
Executive Committee of the International Political Science Association 1966-70; 1970-73
Executive Council of the Social Science Research Council, 1966-1969
Executive Council of the Inter University Consortium for Political Research, 1969-72
President of the Canadian Political Science Association, 1972-73
President of the International Political Science Association, 1973-76
Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada since 1974
Council of Academy of humanities and social sciences of the Royal Society of Canada, 1981-84
Advisory Publications Committee of the SSFC, 1978-81
Co-editor of the International Political Science Review, (1985-2003)
President of the Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Royal Society of Canada 1988-91
Director of the Institute of Interethnic Relations Political Science, University of Ottawa, 1993-2001.

Barry Guggenheim Fellowship 1985-97

UBC Killam research prize 1988

Book prize of the SSFC for ‘Langue et territoire’ 1990

IPSA Karl Deutsch distinction for interdisciplinary research, 2001.

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Selected Recent Publications:


Loi de Babel et autres regularites des rapports entre langue et politique, Presses de l’iniversite Laval, 2006. 206 pp.

Le referendum de souverainete: comparaisons, critiques et commentaires, Presses de l’Universite Laval, 2010.



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“Turning Votes into Territories: boundary referendums in Theory and practice” Political Geography 23,2004,169-183.

“Using a Role by Role Interview to Measure the Minority Effect” Social Science Information ,2004, 3, pp 477-492.

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Edited Works

with William Safran Language, Ethnic Identity and the State London: Routledge. 2005.