PhD Graduate Sule Yaylaci shortlisted for CPSA 2019 Vincent Lemieux Prize

PhD Graduate Sule Yaylaci is shortlisted for CPSA 2019 Vincent Lemieux Prize. Her study details are below.

Sule Yaylaci (University of British Columbia), “Trust in Civil Wars: The Implications of Conflict Character and Threat on Political and Social Trust”

This highly original study of the effects of civil wars on victims and bystanders considers the implications for political and social trust. The Kurdish insurgency in Turkey and Maoist insurgency in Peru are examined to show that in ethnic conflicts, violence increases trust, whereas in ideological conflicts, violence decreases trust. An impressive array of evidence includes archival research, 82 expert interviews, 158 in-depth interviews, and 34 focus groups, supplemented with cross-national, multilevel analysis of survey data. The result is an exceptional example of mixed-methods research design and contribution to our understanding of the legacies of civil conflict on citizen attitudes.

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