Postdoctoral Fellow Grace Jaramillo wins 2019 International Policy Ideas Challenge

Congratulations to Postdoctoral Fellow Grace Jaramillo for being one if 10 winners of the 10 winners of the 2019 edition of the International Policy Ideas Challenge, organized by Global Affairs Canada in collaboration with SSHRC.

Grace Jaramillo won the 2019 International Policy Ideas Challenge -organized annually by Global Affairs Canada in collaboration with SSHRC- for a proposal to create a specific foreign affairs program for the Superclusters’ Initiative. This proposal is a direct response to one of the questions posed by GAC, namely: How can Canada operationalize its commitment to trade diversification in the context of the continued importance of North American economic integration, including with respect to China and the Asia Pacific region? The awarded idea was to create a global ecosystem for the Canadian Superclusters that provides early comparative advantages in new markets where Canadian technology can make the best impact in terms of international developing and trade diversification. At the same time, the program will attract a talent pool of professionals and scholars the Superclusters need to expand their research and development. The final products will be a background research paper and a presentation will policy recommendations to key policy officers in Ottawa before the end of the year.

The link of the challenge where the 2019 winners are published is here.