Professor Richard Price Discusses Chemical Weapons in Washington Post Article

Professor Richard Price recently sat down with The Globe and Mail to ask After Syria, is there still a taboo against the use of chemical weapons?, April 7, 2017:

President Trump launched a cruise missile strike Thursday to punish the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad for the alleged use of chemical weapons. Assad’s apparent sarin attack represented yet another blow to the global norm prohibiting the use of chemical weapons. But the significant violation of the taboo in Syria is not likely to lead to the routine use of chemical weapons in future conflicts… Read More

Richard Price (Ph.D., Cornell) specializes in international relations. His research interests focus on the role of norms in world politics, particularly norms limiting warfare; constructivist international relations theory; normative international relations theory; the politics of international law, and ethics in world politics. He is the author of The Chemical Weapons Taboo.