UBC Political Science students participate in international learning projects

E-classrooms wrap up fall semesterUBC Political Science students

UBC Political Science students were among 123 Canadian university students who did experiential learning projects with Cuso International this December. Alongside students from Mount Royal, Centennial College, University of Ottawa, UBC Political Science students supported six projects in Colombia, Myanmar, Laos, Philippines, Cameroon and Jamaica. Pictured here, our student team presents their research on Feminist Interventions in Myanmar.

UBC e-volunteers develop training module with Cuso Asia

Cuso International partnered with Dr. Richard Price’s University of British Columbia (UBC) Political Science 373: Ethics in World Politics class to undertake research on impact investing. The six participating UBC students presented the three modules they developed over the eight-week e-volunteering assignment.

The modules focused on a landscape view of Impact Investing in Asia; a stakeholder mapping of key networks and players in the region, and four case studies.

The findings were shared with the Cuso Asia programs team at the Regional Meeting in Bangkok on November 28 and 29 and they informed the Cuso International programs team on effective pathways to impact investing for INGOs.

Submitted by Natalie Graham and Aiz Santiago

These articles were originally published in Cuso International‘s newsletter and have been edited for publication on UBC Political Science’s website.