Undergraduate Prizes and Scholarships

*Please note some award amounts may change from year-to-year. Updated for 2018W on March 21 2019

Jean Laponce Memorial Prize

This $1,300 Prize recognizes a senior Honours student for the best thesis in the Department of Political Science, 4th year program. Read more about the prize here.

2017-2018 recipients: 

Alberto Alcaraz Escárcega, for his Honours thesis, “Realest Negus Alive:” Hip-Hop and its Interrelated and (Potentially) Emancipatory Politics of Language and Identity”

Rachel Garrett, for her Honours thesis, “The Language of Sexism: The Impact of Gendered Terms in Media on Candidate Trait Assessments”


Political Science Gold Medal & Scholarship

A gold medal is presented to the most outstanding student in the graduating class of Political Science. The recipient also receives the $1,000 Political Science Scholarship

2017-2018 recipient: 

Brenna Fahey


Robert Lorne Stanfield Prize in Political Science

A prize of $200 is awarded to a student with an outstanding record in our field of study. This Prize has been endowed by individual donors on the occasion of Mr. Stanfield’s first official visit to British Columbia as Leader of the Opposition.

2017-2018 recipient: 

Lily Yen Nhi Le


Arnold Webster Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship of $450 has been endowed by Mrs. Daisy Webster in memory of her husband, Arnold A. Webster, B.A. ’22, M.A. ’28 who as a teacher and principal in the Vancouver Secondary School system also served on the UBC Senate and as a commissioner on the Vancouver Parks Board. He served as Leader of the Official Opposition in the B.C. Legislature and as a Member of Parliament in the House of Commons. The scholarship is made on the recommendation of the Department of Political Science to an outstanding student in the department.

2017-2018 recipient: 

       Emma Lodge


Walter D. Young Prize in Political Science

As a memorial to Professor Walter D. Young, a distinguished teacher, scholar, alumnus, and participant in the university community, his friends and colleagues have endowed a prize of $200 to be awarded to the best student in Canadian politics.

2017-2018 recipient: 

Hyunji Kim


Kevin Wells Prize

A $400 prize has been endowed by friends to honour the memory of Kevin Wells, a UBC student in political science who died prematurely in 1981. The prize is awarded to a student studying Canadian politics who best combines academic achievement and community service.

2017-2018 recipient: 

Christopher Coulson


Hector Gordon Munro Scholarship in Political Science

This $1,100 scholarship is awarded to an outstanding graduating student in the Political Science Major program (one of the highest overall GPAs).

2017-2018 recipient: 

Jingfei Ma


Stewart L. Chambers Memorial Prize

This $400 Prize has been endowed in the memory of Stewart Chambers, a member of the university’s first graduating class in law whose life long avocation was Canadian politics. The Prize is awarded to the undergraduate student submitting the best essay in a course on Canadian government and politics.

2017-2018 recipient: 

Eliot Escalona, for his essay, “Disaster Displacement and Canadian Immigration Policy:  Developing a Protection Framework


Carolyn Atwell Memorial Prize

This $200 prize has been endowed by friends to honour the memory of Carolyn Atwell, a UBC student in the Political Science Honours program who died in 1990. This is awarded to the best essay on third world development  in a Political Science or IR course.

2017-2018 recipient: 

Emma Lodge, for her essay, Refugee Policy Formation in Developing Countries: Lessons from a Ugandan Case Study


Akanksha Stevens Prize in Political Science

This $500 prize goes to an outstanding graduating student in Political Science (one of the highest overall GPAs)

2017-2018 recipient: 

Emma Lodge