Şule Yaylacı

sule_fox-photo2Şule Yaylacı

Doctoral Candidate
Liu Scholar
UBC Yale Fox Fellow

E-mail: sule.yaylaci@yale.edu

Commenced PhD: September 2009

Research Interests: Democratization, Political Behaviour, Political Culture, Organized Violence, Quantitative Methods, Theory of Representation

Dissertation: The Legacy of Political Violence on the Democratic Landscape: Implications for Bystanders

Committee: Richard Johnston (supervisor), Alan Jacobs, Max Cameron

Şule Yaylacı is a doctoral candidate whose research examines the impact of organized intrastate political violence on the political culture in democratic settings.  Employing a mixed methodology, the goal of the project is to identify the causal relationship between bystanding political violence and the attitudes and beliefs of citizens towards democracy. The cases for the qualitative analysis are Turkey and Peru.



MA Work Political Science, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey                     2007-2009

Msc Public Policy and Administration, London School of Economics, UK   2006-2007

Minor Degree in Economic Policy, METU, Ankara, Turkey                           2004-2006

Bsc Political Science and Public Administration, magna cum laude              2001-2006
Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara Turkey