Video: Johnston on the US electoral landscape The battle for the Republican nomination defied prediction and challenged much of what we thought we knew about parties in the United States. Many believed that Donald Trump was a creature of the media, doomed to obscurity once they lost interest. Instead, he activated potential Republican constituencies that had long been dormant. Something of the […]

Barbara Arneil on the Public Sector’s Glass Ceiling   Glass ceiling still in place for public sector employees By Tara Carman Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may have introduced a gender-balanced cabinet “because it’s 2015,” but that equality does not extend to public servants in B.C., where the vast majority of the highest-paid employees are men. An analysis of The Sun’s exclusive public sector […]

Tiberghien on China / Chinese National TV on Tiberghien With the 2016 G20 in China, Yves Tiberghien – our resident expert on China, was working behind the scenes during G20 preparations, and was in the media both in China and in Canada. Vision 20 In his capacity as Director of the Institute of Asian Research, Tiberghien led a UBC IAR contingent that organized an […]

Şule Yaylacı, UBC-Yale Fox Fellow Political Science PhD Candidate, Şule Yaylacı, was recently awarded the UBC-Yale Fox Fellowship, and is now at Yale, where she will be wrapping up and disseminating her PhD research, and engaging in the academic community at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Şule Yaylacı earned her BSc in Political Science and Public […]

Antje Ellermann & Agustin Goenaga Win Best APSA Article Award in Migration and Citizenship The article, “Race, Gender, Class, Disability, and the Ethics of Immigrant Selection”,  by Assoicate Professor Antje Ellerman and Agustin Goenaga (UBC PhD, 2015) has won the Best Article Award for 2016 from the American Political Science Association’s Migration and Citizenship Section.   The paper provides a normative analysis of policies of immigrant admissions in liberal […]

Coulthard’s ‘Red Skin, White Masks’ Wins Top Political Theory Book Award Canadian Political Science Association's 2016 C.B. Macpherson Award for Best Political Theory Book