Undergraduate Info Hub

The Info Hub is a centralized collection of advising materials for current Political Science Majors, Combined Majors, Minors, and Honours students.

Our Undergraduate Info Hub is your quick guide to all things POLI undergraduate advising.

The Hub is divided into four easy-to-navigate modules and its resources are designed to guide you through your degree and after graduation.

Navigating This Resource

The Info Hub consists of four sections, each organized around the following questions:

Your Degree: What do I want to accomplish during my time at UBC? What UBC and department-level policies and practices do I need to keep in mind while planning my degree? What opportunities are available to me as a POLI Major, Combined Major, Minor, or Honours student that can help me to make the most of my time here at UBC?

Your Post-Graduation Plan: What are some common post-graduation pathways for Political Science undergraduates? What questions should I be asking myself as I develop my post-graduation plan? What resources and opportunities are available to me pre- and post-graduation to help me in the work of figuring out what’s next for me?

Your Community: Who makes up the UBC POLI Community of Learning? Where can I connect with fellow Political Science Majors, Combined Majors, Minors, and Honours students? How are my fellow POLI community members applying their learning outside of the classroom?

Your Advising Team: Who is available to support me in the work of developing my pre- and post-graduation plan?

Check out the Hub for resources like:

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