Courses for ‘Ways of Knowing’ Breadth Requirements

Arts students who enrolled in Sept 2024 or later must take a set of breadth credits from multiple Ways of Knowing categories.

Political Science courses are categorized as Social and Behavioural Systems.

If you need 3, 6 or 9 credits from this category, below is a menu of course bundles for you to consider. You can also take any set of POLI courses that interest you to satisfy the breadth requirements — these bundles of courses offered in 2024-25W are only to show you courses that have common themes.

3-credit options: Introductory POLI courses

For everyone:

  • POLI 100: Introduction to Politics
  • POLI 101: The Government of Canada
  • POLI 110: Investigating Politics: An Introduction to Scientific Political Analysis

For students who have completed first year:

  • POLI 240: Currents of Political Thought
  • POLI 220: Choice and Conflict: An Introduction to Domestic Politics around the World
  • POLI 260: Introduction to Global Politics

6 credit options: Pairs of POLI courses with a common focus

NOTE: As long as you have 3rd year standing you can take our 300-level courses without taking the associated introductory courses.

  • Focus on public policy: POLI 302, 350
  • Focus on Canada: POLI 304, 308
  • Focus on U.S. politics: POLI 320B, 420B
  • Focus on politics in Asia: POLI 324A, 365C
  • Focus on European politics: POLI 327, 333M
  • Focus on Indigenous politics: POLI 341E, 449C
  • Focus on political economy: POLI 338B, POLI 439A
  • Focus on political psychology: POLI 333C, 405H
  • Focus on identity politics (e.g., race, gender and sex): POLI 333A, 345A
  • Focus on immigration and multiculturalism: POLI 328C, 446B
  • Focus on politics of race: POLI 422A, 445A
  • Focus on the future of democracy: POLI 328G, 423A
  • Focus on armed conflict and peace: POLI 360, 369K

9 credit options: Triplets of POLI courses that complement or build on each other:

NOTE: You can take any of the pairs above and add one more POLI course to get to your 9 credits, but below is a list of triplets that have common themes.

  • Focus on Canadian politics: POLI 101, 304, 308
  • Focus on climate change politics: POLI 351, 375A, 405E
  • Focus on politics and data science: POLI 110, 380, 381
  • Focus on foreign policy: POLI 260, 362, 362A
  • Focus on international law: POLI 369I, 377, 466
  • Focus on civil wars and conflict: POLI 370D, 370K, 464J
  • Focus on critical political ideas POLI 240, 341B, 345A
  • Focus on experiential learning opportunities: POLI 308Z, 328C, 371
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