Professor Emeritus

Donald Blake (Ph.D, Yale) is a specialist on public opinion, elections and political parties. His work makes extensive use of quantitative techniques. He is the author of Two Political Worlds: Parties and Voting in British Columbia and co-author of Grassroots Politicians: Party Activists in British Columbia as well as numerous articles and book chapters on related topics. He has also served as an advisor to electoral boundary commissions in British Columbia and Yukon. Recent work has focused on public policy towards public sector employees in western democracies as well as differences between public and private sector employees in voting behaviour and political attitudes. He is co-author of Governments, Parties and Public Sector Employees: Canada, United States, Britain and France.


Recent topics supervised include regional alienation in Canada, judicial review of Canadian election law, and explaining the success of anti-establishment political parties in parliamentary systems.

Recent Publications

  • (with André Blais, and Stéphane Dion), Government, Parties, and Public Sector Employees: Canada, United States, Britain and France. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1997.
  • (with Neil Guppy and Peter Urmetzer), “Canadian Public Opinion and Environmental Action in Canada: Evidence from British Columbia,” Canadian Journal of Political Science, 30 (September 1997), 451-472.
  • (with R.K. Carty) “The Adoption of Membership Votes for Choosing Party Leaders: The Experience of the Provinces,” Party Politics, 5 (1999), 345-359.
  • (with Peter Urmetzer and Neil Guppy) “Individualized Solutions to Environmental Problems: The Case of Automobile Pollution,” Canadian Public Policy, 25 (1999), 345-359.
  • “Contextual Effects on Environmental Attitudes and Behavior,” Environment and Behavior, 33 (2001), 708-725.
  • “Electoral Democracy in the Provinces,” Montreal: Institute for Research on Public Policy, March 2001, pp. 1-37.
  • “Personal Values and Environmental Attitudes,” in Joanna Everitt and Brenda O’Neill (eds.), Citizen Politics: Research and Theory in Canadian Political Behaviour (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2001).