Robert Farkasch received his doctorate in political science from York University, master’s degree in international political economy from the Norman Paterson School for International Affairs and bachelor’s degree (hons) in economics and psychology. He is a faculty lecturer in the Political Science Department at the University of British Columbia offering instruction in international political economy, international relations and terrorism studies.

Winter 2019

POLI260 Introduction to Global Politics Sections

Applies conceptual tools to topics such as war, conflict management, the global economy, poverty, and civil society.

Winter 2019

POLI366 International Political Economy Sections

An analysis of governmental policies and international political bargaining in regard to such issues as international investment, trade, and monetary relations. Pre-requisite: ECON 100 or 309 are recommended.

Winter 2019

POLI378 The Politics of Terrorism Sections

Exploration of contemporary terrorism as a contested area of understanding and as a social construct. Includes origins and motives, evolution of terrorist groups, strategies and tactics, and anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism responses.

Winter 2019

POLI439A Politics and Economic Growth - POLI & ECON GRTH Sections

The relationship between politics, economics, and development. The role of the state, political institutions, economic policy, and foreign aid in development strategies.

Constitutional Economics