Associate Professor

Yves Tiberghien (Ph.D. Stanford University, 2002) is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of British Columbia (UBC), and is the Director of the Institute of Asian Research at UBC. He is also the Executive Director of the UBC China Council, Co-Director of the UBC Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs (MPPGA), a Senior Fellow at the Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada, a Senior Fellow with the Global Summitry Project at the Munk School of Global Affairs, and a visiting professor at Tokyo University and Sciences-Po Paris.

Yves is a graduate from HEC Paris (Hautes Etudes Commerciales). He earned a Master of Science in Management from the Community of European Management Schools (CEMS) and a Master of International Policy Studies from Stanford University. Yves was an Academy Scholar at Harvard University in 2004-2006. He has also been a Japan Foundation Scholar at the Japanese Ministry of Finance, Keio University and GRIPS (Tokyo). In 2010-2011, he was a visiting professor at National Chengchi University of Taiwan, as well as an East Asian Institute Fellow at Peking University, Fudan University, Keio University, and Taiwan University.

He specializes in comparative political economy and international political economy with an empirical focus on China, Japan, and Korea. At UBC, he teaches courses in international and comparative political economy (with a focus on Asian political economy and geopolitics), as well as the courses on Chinese Politics and Japanese Politics.

In 2007, he published Entrepreneurial States: Reforming Corporate Governance in France, Japan, and Korea (Cornell University Press in the Political Economy Series). He has also published many articles and book chapters on the Japan’s bubble economy, on global governance, global climate change politics, and on the governance of agricultural biotechnology.

Dr. Tiberghien is currently working on a multi-year project on the battle for global governance with a particular focus on the role of China, Japan, and Korea in the G20 and in global economic and environmental issues funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). He has two forthcoming books on the topic (L’Asie et le future du monde, Paris: Science Po Press, August 2012; and Leadership in Global Institution-Building: Minerva’s Rule, edited volume, Palgrave McMillan). He is currently working on articles and a book on China’s role in global governance. He has published several articles on the G20 geopolitical chessboard and on the Chinese role in the G20. As a senior fellow with the Global Summitry Project at the Munk School of Global Affairs, he is regularly attending G20 meetings (including Cannes in 2011 and Los Cabos in 2012).


Recently supervised

• (dissertation committee member): Bourbeau, Philippe. “A Study of Movement and Order: The Securitization of Migration in Canada and France.”
• (Ph.D. thesis completed in July 2008).
• (dissertation committee member): Tan, Netina. “Access to Power: Hegemonic Party Rule in Singapore and Taiwan.” (Ph.D. thesis completed in 2011).

Currently supervising

• (dissertation committee member): Freeman, Julia. Field: Comparative GMO politics. (2007-present).
• (main supervisor): Feditchkina, Elena. Field: Comparative political economy, Russia, EU and Canada (2006-present)
• (main supervisor): Kalicki, Konrad. Field: Comparative identity politics, Poland and Japan (2008-present).
• (main supervisor): Massot, Pascale. Field: Chinese politics (2009-present).
• (committee member): Hawkins, Alice. Field: Comparative GMO politics (2008-present).
• (committee member): Woodsworth, Tom. Field: Environmental geography in China (2008-present).
• (main supervisor): Sinpeng, Aim. Field: Thai politics (2009-).
• (committee member): Rebien, Tommi. Field: Defence procurement in Asia and Europe (2009-present).
• (committee member): Neville, Kave. Field: (2009-present).
• (main supervisor): Zhang, Linting. Theme: China’s role in global energy (2009-present).
• (committee member): Gravelle, Matt. Field: Global Stock Exchange Politics. (2010-present).
• (main supervisor): Doray-Demetz, Pascal. Field: Comparative Political Economy (2011-present).
• (committee member): Kornreich, Yoel. Field: (2011-present).
• (committee member): Lian, Wenqin. Field: Law (2011-present).
• (committee member): Juan Li Maggie. Field: Law (2011-present).
• (committee member): Rodriguez, Fernando Villaseñor. Theme: Welfare Politics in Mexico and Japan (2010-present).



Recently supervised

• (second thesis reader): Bognar, Julia. “Regulating Risk: Explaining Diverging Labeling Policies between Canada and The European Union and Whether These Differences Can be Reconciled.” MA thesis, completed in August 2008.
• (thesis supervisor): Philips, Jeff. “Collecting Rent: Political Culture and Oil and Gas Fiscal Policy in Alberta, Canada and Norway.” MA thesis, completed in August 2008.
• (second thesis reader): Walsh, Mark. MA thesis defended in November 2008.
• (thesis co-supervisor with Julian Dierkes): “Fragmented Decision-Making Processes in a Global Economy: Sovereign Wealth Funds and Policy Coalitions in China.” MA thesis completed in August 2009.
• (thesis supervisor): Goodman, Jessica. “Defining Symbolic Spaces in Response to a Globalized World Incorporating GMOs and Segregating Markets in Mexican Agriculture.” MA thesis defended in November 2009.
• (thesis supervisor): Fraser, Nicholas. “Constitutional Oligarchy: The Complex Unity of the Imperial Japanese State in the Face of Crisis.” MA thesis defended in November 2009.
• (thesis supervisor): Stockman, Christian. Field: EU Environmental Policy. MA thesis defended in November 2009.
• (thesis supervisor): Massot, Pascale. “Sovereign Wealth Funds in China.” MA thesis defended in November 2009.
• (thesis supervisor): Chan, Evelyn. Theme: Deliberation in China. MA thesis defended in November 2010.
• (thesis supervisor): Ma, Bernice (Hua). Theme: Hong Kong Politics. MA thesis defended in November 2010.
• (thesis supervisor): Clark, Josh. Theme: Energy Politics in Canada. MA thesis defended in November 2010.
• (second thesis reader): Lin, Yu-Ting. MA thesis defended in November 2011.
• (second thesis reader): Kim, Ji-Eun. MA thesis defended in November 2011.
• (thesis supervisor): Chen, Yunnan. Theme: China and Environmental Politics. MA thesis defended in May 2012.

Currently supervising

• (main thesis supervisor): Zhang, Chunman. Theme: China and Global Governance. (2011-present).
• (main thesis supervisor): Kim, Marie. Theme: Korean political economy. (2011-present).

(Only refereed publications are listed here. For a complete list, please visit Yves Tiberghien’s web page.)

Tiberghien, Yves. 2007. Entrepreneurial States: Reforming Corporate Governance in France, Japan, and Korea. Cornell Studies in Political Economy (directed by Peter Katzenstein). Ithaca and London : Cornell University Press.

Tiberghien, Yves. In press, August 2012. L’Asie, le G20, et le future du Monde. Paris: Presses de Science Po. Collection Nouveaux Debats. [Book cover here]

Tiberghien, Yves and Julian Dierkes, eds. Forthcoming in 2013. Leadership in Global Institution Building: Minerva’s Rule. Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics Series. London and New York: Palgrave McMillan.
Books in progress

Tiberghien, Yves. The Global Battle over the Governance of Genetically-Engineered Food. (status: Submitted for review).

Tiberghien, Yves. China’s Role in Global Governance: G20, Climate Change, and Food Security. (status: Submitted for review).
Recently published journal articles

Tiberghien, Yves. 2011. “La Chine face au grand jeu du G20 et de la gouvernance mondiale.” Revue Internationale de Politique Comparee. 18, no. 3: 95-122.

Tiberghien, Yves. 2010. “The Puzzling 2010 Diaoyutai/Senkaku Crisis:Centrifugal Domestic Politics, Shifting Balance of Power, and Weak Regional Institutionalization.” Harvard Asia Quarterly. Special Issue on Maritime Asia. Harvard University: Harvard Asia Center. Winter 2010. Volume XII, No. 3 & 4. Pp 70-78.

Tiberghien, Yves. 2011. “The political Consequences of Inequality in Japan.” Journal of Social Science (『社会科学研究』) 62, no. 1 (February): 77-99.

Tiberghien, Yves. 2009. “Transitional Competitive Governance and Agenda-Setting in the EU: the Battle over the Regulation of GMOs since the mid-1990s.” Journal of European Integration. 31. 3 (May): 389-407.

Tiberghien, Yves and Miranda Schreurs. 2007. “High Noon in Japan: Kyoto Protocol Politics and the Power of a Symbol.” Global Environmental Politics. 7.4 (November): 70 – 91.

Schreurs , Miranda and Yves Tiberghien. 2007. “Multi-Level: Explaining European Union Leadership in Climate Change Mitigation.” Global Environmental Politics. 7.4 (November): 19 – 46.