If you’ve arrived here, you must be interested in taking a Political Science course at UBC. We think that’s a wonderful idea.

We’ve created an app that replaces the traditional course description page. It’s mobile-first, but there’s a desktop version too. Click on the image to launch it.

You can find all sorts of information about our courses including schedule, description, an older syllabus, and information about the format of the course if it is online (as all our Term 1 courses are). In the app, you can search courses based on level, topic, instructor, terms, and days of the week. You can even search the All Courses tab for keywords in course descriptions.

The app lets you favourite courses to build a list of courses you’re interested in. You should be aware that this involves using an email address to get the PIN to login to the app. If you are concerned about your email address being on cloud servers, you could use a new or burner email to do so. 

A few important things to note:

  1. All term 1 courses will be online. We won’t know, prior to your registration, whether term 2 will be online or in-person. For more information, see President Ono’s statement.
  2. We are still updating information in the registration system. If there are any differences, the information in our app is correct. Everything will be finalized by June 17th in both systems. 
  3. The syllabi are intended to give you a good idea of what the course is about. The syllabus for your actual course will be different. With online teaching, most instructors will be making changes to the kinds of assignments you’ll do and some of the course content.
  4. We have a special section in the app that explains the instructor’s plans for teaching online. We hope you can use this information to figure out which course schedules and formats will work for you.
  5. All our 100 & 200 level courses have tutorials. We are creating extra sections in the morning (7am, 8am) and evening (7-10pm) Vancouver time to accommodate students in distant time-zones

You can find all our course information via this app: (computer)  or (mobile)

You can provide feedback on this way of providing course description information from the app itself on the landing tab that has instructions. Please do so. 

UBC Political Science offers a wide range of courses at the undergraduate level.

See course listings

Please note courses are subject to change; please check the Student Service Centre for the most up to date schedule. If you have any questions, please contact the Undergraduate Academic Advisor at 604.822.5969 or the Political Science office at 604.822.6079.

*Please note: in-person student advising is currently suspended.