Brian L. Job (PhD, Indiana University) is Professor of Political Science and a resident Faculty Associate of the Liu Institute. He joined the UBC faculty in 1989, having previously been on the faculty of the University of Minnesota. From 1992 – 2010, he served as Director of the Centre of International Relations and coincidentally directed UBC’s Security and Defence Forum Program. His current teaching and research interests concern international security—more specifically, the evolving security order of the Asia Pacific, intrastate conflict, human security, and Canadian foreign and security policies. At present, he is engaged in research and writing (in company with graduate students) on arms competition in Asia, on the normative and practical dilemmas associated with the Responsibility to Protect and the protection of civilians in conflict (especially as these concern Asian states), and on the paths to regional security cooperation. Job is involved in regional Asia Pacific, expert networks, particularly with the Council of Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific (CSCAP), and served as Editor of the annual CSCAP Regional Security Outlook from 2007-2012. Job is a Senior Fellow of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and edits the Foundation’s Canada Asia Agenda Internet bulletin. He has been a visiting professor at Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo; Nanyang Technical University, Singapore; and the Australian National University.


Avery Poole, Processes of Socialization in Regional Institutions: ASEAN and the Charter. (Supervisor) (currently employed at the University of Melbourne)

Leanne Smythe. The Non-Traditional Security Agenda: The End of the Traditional Military? (Supervisor)

Anastasia Shesterinina. Post-Conflict Violence and Transformation of Social Networks. (Supervisor)

Stewart Prest. Civil Peace, Political Conflict: Understanding Negative Cases of Civil War. (Supervisor)

Aim Sinpeng, Carla Winston, Daisaku Higashi, Debra Farias, Tommi Rebien (Member, Research Committee)

DOCTORAL STUDENTS: Recently Completed

Philip Orchard, Refugees, States, and International Society. (Supervisor) 2008. (Assistant Professor, University of Queensland)

Philippe Bourbeau, A Study of Movement and Order: The securitization of migration in Canada and France, (Supervisor) 2008. (Revised dissertation published as The Securitization of Migration: A Study of Movement and Order. Routledge, 2011)

MASTERS STUDENTS: (2011, 2012)

Karen McKee, “The Rhetorical Securitization of Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia: Puzzles and Conceptual Problems,” In Progress.

Yunnan Chen, “Troubled Waters: The Dynamics of Securitization in China,” In Progress.

Kavi Sivasothy, “Standing United: The Burmese Tatmadaw’s Maintenance of its Role as a Political Actor,” In Progress.

Yu-Ting Li, “Managing ECFA’s Ideational Transformative Power in Cross-Strait Relations: An Exploration Using the Functionalist Model of Integration and Two-Level Game Theory.” 2011.

Ji-Eun Kim, “Korean Wave” in China – Reshaping the South Korean-Chinese Relations?” 2011. (currently employed with UNESCO APCEIU (Asia Pacific Center for Education of International Understanding) in Seoul.

Gihan, Indragupta, “China’s South Asia policy from a domestic sovereignty perspective.” 2011. (currently employed with the Foreign Ministry of Sri Lanka.)

* indicates co-authorship with graduate or undergraduate student

*Job, Brian and Anastasia Shesterinina. “China as a Global Norm-Shaper: Institutionalization and Implementation of the Responsibility to Protect,” in Implementation and World Politics: How International Norms Change Practice. Alexander Betts and Phil Orchard, eds. Oxford University Press (forthcoming).

Job, Brian and Anthony Milner, “Desmond Ball as Track 2 Diplomat,” 2012. (forthcoming, ANU Press)

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*Job, Brian and Erica Stahl. “The Responsibility to Protect: (Re)negotiating the social contract?”, in Karim Benyekhlef and Nicolas Vermey (eds.), Le droit à la sécurité… La sécurité par le droit/Security and Law… Security Through Law. Montreal: Themis, 2009.

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Job, Brian and Erin Williams. Security Through Cooperation: CSCAP Regional Security Outlook. (annually 2007 to 2012) See

Job, Brian. “Ottawa Pivots to Asia: Priorities, Prospects, and Problems,” The 10th Japan-Canada Symposium on Peace and Security Cooperation. 2012. (conference proceedings)


Recent papers

Job, Brian and Anastasia Shesterinina, “China as a Global Norm-Shaper: Institutionalization and Implementation of the Responsibility to Protect,” International Studies Association Annual Meetings, San Diego, 2012.

Shesterinina, Anastasia, “Evolving Norms of Protection: China, Libya, and the Problem of Civilians in Armed Conflict,” International Studies Association Annual Meetings, San Diego, 2012.

Job, Brian. “The Evolving Nature of Unofficial Security Diplomacy in the Asia Pacific: A Reconsideration of the Track 2 Record,” International Studies Association Annual Meetings, Montreal, 2011.

Job, Brian. “Asia Pacific Security: Prospects and Challenges,” Asia Pacific Round Table, Kuala Lumpur, June 1, 2011.