4th Year Political Science

Fourth year courses in Political Science are small, specialized learning experiences. Most are seminars with a maximum of 18 students. All fourth year courses are designated as research-intensive, fulfilling the Faculty of Arts requirement.

The seminar course format facilitates the development of skills in:

  • deep analytic reading and writing
  • independent formulation of original research topics
  • oral expression of arguments in class
  • sophisticated dialogue with other experts (students and the instructor)
  • presentation of literature review and of research findings

Many students find that their fourth year seminar experiences are the richest and most rewarding in their undergraduate program. Often, students choose to pursue topics that they have explored in these seminars when they develop a plan for further education (MA, PhD, MPP, MPH, LLB, etc.).  These 400 level courses give a preview of the format and expectations of seminars and research-based learning central to many graduate programs.

400 Level Courses by subfield:

Canadian Politics

POLI 401 – Canadian Provincial and Regional Politics
POLI 402 – Law and Politics of the Canadian Constitution
POLI 403 – The Political Economy of Canada
POLI 404 – Public Policy and its Administration
POLI 405 – Topics in Canadian Politics
(i.e. Research Seminar in Canadian Political Behaviour, The Canadian Democratic Audit, Canadian Identity)
POLI 406 – Aboriginal Peoples and Canadian Politics

Comparative Politics

POLI 420 – Advanced Topics in Comparative Politics
POLI 421 – Advanced Topics in Comparative Politics: Non-Western
POLI 422 – Selected Problems in Comparative Politics
POLI 423 – Issues in Comparative Politics
POLI 424 – Chinese Political Thought and Institutions
POLI 425 – Communist Movements in Eastern Europe since 1900
POLI 426 – Seminar on Comparative Parties and Party Systems
POLI 427 – Issues in Chinese Politics and Development
POLI 429 – Seminar in Issues in Gender and Politics

Political Theory

POLI 440 – Contemporary Political Theory
POLI 441 – Interpretation and Criticism in Political Theory
POLI 442 – Contemporary Political Theorists: Analysis of a Selected Theorist
POLI 443 – Modern Western Political Thought
POLI 445 – Critical Theory: Political Theory and the Problems of Race
POLI 446 – Multiculturalism and Identity Politics
POLI 448 – Democratic Theory
POLI 449 – Topics in Political Theory

International Relations

POLI 460 – Foreign Policy Analysis
POLI 461 – Peace and Conflict Studies
POLI 462 – International Relations Theory
POLI 463 – International Interdependence
POLI 464 – Problems in International Relations
POLI 466 – The Politics of International Law