The 2020W application period for admission to all Political Science programs will open in February 2020.

Faculty of Arts students who have completed at least 54 credits of coursework may apply to our Major and Honours programs, typically during Term 2 of their second year. Admission to our programs is not automatic. Please see below for further details and contact if you have any questions.

Applying to the Major

Admission to the Major program in Political Science requires that a student:

  • is enrolled in the Faculty of Arts;
  • has completed at least 54 credits of course work. The following 100 and 200-level courses are required as part of the 54 credit: POLI 100, POLI 101, POLI 110, and POLI 240;
  • has attained the minimum grade-point average established by the Department (this can vary annually, but it is typically around 65%)
  • Selection for admission to the major will be based on the average grade for all post-secondary work attempted to date, excluding IB / AP grades
  • If necessary 12 credits can be excluded from the calculation which will be on at least 48 attempted credits, including all POLI courses. This means that any failed courses will be factored into the calculation
  • Students who have not entered the major at the start of their third year may also apply following completion of their third year. In this case, selection will be based on the same criteria used for third year entrants, except that at least 72 completed credits must be used in calculating the average.

In order for a student to be admitted to the Major program for the 2019 Winter session, these requirements must be met by August 31. This means that if have not completed one or more of the prerequisite courses before the point of application, you will still be able to complete those courses in 2019S and still be admitted for 2019W.

Please note that if you have completed fewer than 54 credits at the conclusion of 2018W, your year standing will remain at Year 2. This will affect your registration date for 2019W.

Please note:

  • If you are missing 3 out of the 4 prerequisite courses, it is unlikely you will be admitted to the POLI major program
  • POLI 100 is a prerequisite for all second-year Political Science courses
  • students are encouraged to take POLI 220 and POLI 260 as additional preparation for upper-level POLI courses

Applying to the Honours Program:

Students with an average of 80% or higher are encouraged to discuss the Honours program with our Undergraduate Advisor and consider applying. Although only a limited number of students can be accepted into the Honours program, all applicants will be given serious consideration. In exceptional cases, Majors students may be allowed to transfer to the Honours Program at the end of their third year.

As part of your application, you will be asked to provide supplementary materials : a brief resumé (no more than 2 sides) and a 250-word description of your special interests in political science, your interests outside the discipline (including your outside reading), and your ultimate career plans.

The required courses in the 54 Credits are the same as the Political Science Major (see above).

Applying to the Minor Program

A Minor consists of at least 30 credits, but not more than 42 credits of Political Science courses, of which at least 18 must be numbered 300 or above. POLI 101 must be included among the courses taken. Departmental permission is not required to undertake a Minor in Political Science.

Applying to the Combined Major in Economics and Political Science

Admission is subject to the admission restrictions and application process for both the Major in Economics and the Major in Political Science. In addition to faculty degree requirements, the program has economics and political science requirements. To enroll in the Combined Major, students must apply and be admitted to both programs.

Applying to the Combined Major in Philosophy and Political Science

Admission is subject to the admission restrictions and application process for the Major in Political Science. The Philosophy major program does not have any specific admission requirements. In addition to faculty degree requirements, the program has philosophy and political science requirements.

Students who are considering applying to our Major or Honours programs are encouraged to meet with the Undergraduate Advisor, prior to applying and/or prior to completing 30 credits at UBC. Students in the process of transferring to UBC must arrange to have official transcripts from each post-secondary institution they have attended sent directly by the institution to the address noted at the bottom of this page.