Four third-year Honours students published in the Journal of East Asian Studies

UBC Political Science is proud to announce that four third-year honours students have published book reviews for the Journal of East Asian Studies (Cambridge) this Spring.

The reviews were originally written for Poli 390, an honours seminar class. During the last section of the course, students study recent books and topics.

“This is a first. Normally, book reviews are published by scholars or grad students, but the quality of their work coming of our honours students Poli 390 is just outstanding,” said UBC Political Science Professor Yves Tiberghien, who teaches Poli 390. “For some of the students, this is their first publication.”

Three of the reviews are published and the final one by Bingjung Tang is scheduled for the next issue of the journal in early Summer. You can see the published reviews below. Congratulations to these students – may these publications be the first of many to come.

China and the International Order, reviewed by Sukitha Bandaranayake.

Super Continent: The Logic of Eurasian Integration, reviewed by Gwendolyn J. Culver. 

Capitalism, Alone: The Future of the System that Rules the World, reviewed by Panthea Pourmalek