UBC Poli Sci student Jory Smallenberg was invited to represent the UBC Department of Political Science to Yale University as part of the Yale-Fox fellowship

Political Science student Jory Smallenberg recently presented her work at Yale University for the Yale-Fox Fellowship reunion conference in New Haven, Connecticut. The Yale-Fox fellowship is an international scholarly exchange between Yale University and partner institutions in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.

The Yale-Fox fellowship was created during the Cold War to foster peaceful intellectual exchange between graduate students in the USA and the former USSA. While threats to global peace evolve over time, the importance of cross-cultural dialogue in response to shared challenges remains. The conference theme of “Coordinating Global Communities” invited talks about environmental protection, borders, healthcare, migration, human rights, and values conflicts – to name a few – with a particular focus on issues of global importance. This aligns with the Yale-Fox Fellowship’s focus on problem-solving, civic engagement, and thoughtful consideration of cultural differences.

In Jory’s talk, she “shared data on asylum intake from each G20 nation and contextualized this data with insights from political philosophy and migration governance.” She also presented “examples from Canada’s Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) program to demonstrate that, as in the case of Canada, governments can further draw on the willingness of their citizenry to support refugees.”


For MA and PhD students looking to apply to the Yale-Fox fellowship, please see more information here.

Here are some pictures from Jory’s trip: