American Politics

Key Publications: 

  • The Comparative Politics of Immigration: Policy Choice in Germany, Canada, Switzerland, and the United States, 2021.
  • States against Migrants: Deportation in Germany and the United States, 2009.

Courses this term: POLI 516C Debates in Migration and Citizenship

Current research projects:

  • Immigration Bureaucracies in an Era of Anti-Immigration Populism
  • Graphic Narratives of Migration
  • Belonging in Unceded Territory

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  Key Publications: 

  • “The Road Not Taken: Climate Change Policy in Canada and the United States,” Global Environmental Politics, 2007.
  • “Environmental Policy: Climate Change,” in Paul J. Quirk, ed., The United States and Canada: How Two Democracies Differ, and Why It Matters, 2019.
  • Risk, Science, and Politics: Regulating Toxic Substances in Canada and the United States, 1994.

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Key Publications: 

  • “Political Compromise and Bureaucratic Structure: The Political Origins of the Federal Reserve System,” Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 2009.
  • “How Preferences Change Institutions: The 1978 Energy Act," Journal of Politics, 2014.
  • “The Polarisation of Energy Policy in the US Congress” with William Lowry, Journal of Public Policy, Forthcoming

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  Key Publications: 

  • The United States and Canada:  How Two Democracies Differ and Why It Matters, Editor. 2019
  • “Misinformation and the Currency of Citizenship,” Journal of Politics, 2001.
  • The Politics of Deregulation (1985)
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Key Publications:

Current Research Projects: Changing American Hearts & Minds on Immigration Policy

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