Critical Theory

Key Publications:

  • "On the Political Sociology of Intersectional Equality and Difference: Insights from Axel Honneth’s Recognition Theory," Social Theory and Practice, forthcoming.
  • “Decolonizing Critical Theory,” Constellations, 2015
  • The Rise and Fall of the Caucasian Race: A Political History of Racial Identity, 2006

Current courses: POLI 523B: Critical Theory – Political Theory and the Problem of “Race”

Current projects: Identities and Indignities: Critical Theory and the Politics of Equality, Identity, and Difference (book project)

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Key Publications: 

  • Democracy in contested territory: on the legitimacy of global legal pluralism,” Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, forthcoming.
  • “Critical International Political Theory,” Oxford Handbook of International Political Theory, 2018
  • “Hannah Arendt reads Carl Schmitt’s The Nomos of the Earth: a dialogue on law and geopolitics from the margins,” European Journal of Political Theory, 2017

Current Courses: Topics in Political Theory: Contested Territory

Current research projects: Contested Territory: A Theory of Land and Democracy beyond the Bounds of Sovereignty (book manuscript in progress).

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  Current Courses: POLI 540A Core Seminar in Political Theory

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 Key Publications: 

  • Disability and Political Theory, (co-edited with Nancy Hirschmann), 2017
  • Diverse Communities: The Problem with Social Capital, 2006
  • ‘Disability, Self Image and Modern Political Theory’, Political Theory, 2009

Current Courses:Poli 523 Multiculturalism and Identity Politics

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