Ethnic, Cultural and Identity Politics


Key Publications: 

Courses this year: POLI 521A Political Theory: Politics of Intersectionality

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 Key Publications:

  • "Ethnic Segregation and Public Goods" American Political Science Review, 2018.
  • "Language Politics, Education, and Ethnic Integration" Politics, Groups, and Identities, 2019.

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Current Projects: Rejecting Coethnicity: Refugee Resentment and the Politics of Migrant Exclusion by Minority Citizens.

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  Key Publications:

  • “‘Judge Lynch’ in the Court of Public Opinion: Publicity and De-legitimation of Lynching,” American Political Science Review, 2019
  • “Do parties matter for ethnic violence? Evidence from India,” Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 2016
  • “Does Electing Islamists Increase Religious Violence and Intolerance?,” British Journal of Political Science, 2020

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