International Organizations, Law, and Norms

Key Publications:

  •  “The Translocal Politics of Environmental Norm Diffusion (with Justin Alger),” Environmental Communication, 2020.
  • “The Power of Environmental Norms: Marine Plastic Pollution and the Politics of Microbeads,” Environmental Politics, 2018.
  • “The Global Norm of Large Marine Protected Areas: Explaining Variable Adoption and Implementation (with Justin Alger),” Environmental Policy & Governance, 2017.

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Key Publications: 

  • Moral Limit and Possibility in World Politics, 2008.
  • "Reversing the Gun Sights: Transnational Civil Society Targets Landmines," 1998
  • The Chemical Weapons Taboo, 1997

Current courses: POLI 562 - Norms and Ethics in World Politics

Current research projects: Moral Psychology, Neuroscience, and International Norms

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Key Publications: 

  • Diplomacy and Borderlands: African Agency at the Intersections of Orders (Routledge), 2019
  • African Actors in International Security: Shaping Contemporary Norms (Lynne Rienner), 2018
  • “Locating Norm Diplomacy: Venue Change in International Norm Negotiations” European Journal of International Relations, 2013

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Key Publications: 

  • The East Asian Covid-19 Paradox (Cambridge University Press. Elements Series), 2021.
  • “Asia’s Rise and the Transition to a Post-Western Global Order.” In Contending Views on the Decline of Western-Centric World and the Emerging Global Order in the 21st Century, 2020.
  • Japan’s Leadership in the Liberal International Order (Editor).

Current research projects: Up for Grabs: Disruption, Competition, and the Remaking of the Global Economic Order

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Key Publications: 

  • The Role of Law in International Politics, 2000.
  • War Law: Understanding International Law and Armed Conflict, 2005.
  • International Law and the Arctic, 2013.

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