Conflict, Security, and Peacekeeping

Key Publications: 

  • “Historical Ownership and Territorial Disputes”, Journal of Politics, 2020
  • “China’s Evolving Motivations and Goals in UN Peacekeeping Participation”, International Journal, 2018
  • “U.S. Military Aid and Recipient Country Cooperation”, Foreign Policy Analysis, 2011

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 Key Publications: 

  • "Can Economic Assistance Shape Combatant Support in Wartime? Experimental Evidence from Afghanistan." American Political Science Review, 2020.

Current research projects: "Reexamining the Effect of Refugees on Civil Conflict: A Global Subnational Analysis"

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Current projects: “Let our ballots secure what our bullets have won:” Union Veterans and Voting for Radical Reconstruction

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 Key Publications: 

  • “Downsizing in UN Peacekeeping: The Impact on Civilian Peacekeepers and the Missions Employing Them” International Peacekeeping, 2020
  • “Slow Progress on UN Rapid Deployment: The Potential Perils of Policy Paradigms in International Organizations” International Studies Review, 2020
  • “Peacekeeping for Profit? The Scope and Limitations of ‘Mercenary’ UN Peacekeeping” Journal of Peace Research, 2018

Current projects: Local Staff in UN Peace Operations

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Current projects: Darts and Letters: Podcasting for Intellectual Knowledge Mobilization in the 21st Century

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