Federalism and Local Politics

Key Publications:

  • "Nudging NIMBY: Do positive messages regarding the benefits of increased housing density influence resident stated housing development preferences?." Land Use Policy, 2016.
  • "Insite in Vancouver: North America’s First Supervised Injection Site."  Successful Public Policy: Lessons from Canada, 2021.
  • "Metagovernance of urban governance networks in Canada: In pursuit of legitimacy and accountability." Canadian Public Administration, 2013.

Current course: POLI 504B: Topics in Canadian Politics (Urban Governance and Policy in Canada)

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Key Publications:

  • "One voter, two first-order elections?" Electoral Studies, 2008.
  • "Political Conditions for Electoral Accountability in Federalism," Canadian Journal of Political Science, 2017.
  • "Government responsibility and electoral accountability in federations." Publius, 2004.

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Key Publications:

  • Passing the Buck: Federalism and Canadian Environmental Policy, 1996
  • “Climate Federalism in Canada,” in Climate Governance and Federalism: a Forum of Federations comparative policy analysis. 2023.
  • "Federalism and Climate Policy Innovation: A Critical Reassessment," Canadian Public Policy, 2013.
  • Racing to the Bottom? Provincial Interdependence in the Canadian Federation, 2005

Current projects: Carbon Pricing in the Canadian Federation

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Key Publications:

  • "Ethnic Segregation and Public Goods," American Political Science Review, 2018.
  • "Indonesia's Decentralization Experiment," Journal of Southeast Asian Economies, 2016.

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Key Publications: 

  • Contested Federalism: Certainty and Ambiguity in the Canadian Federation, 2019
  • Courts and Federalism: Judicial Doctrine in the United States, Australia, and Canada, 2007
  • “Canada: Federal and Subnational Constitutional Practice” in Constitutional Dynamics in Federal Systems: Subnational Perspectives, 2012

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