Politics in Asia

Key Publications:

  • “The Global Politics of the Business of ‘Sustainable’ Palm Oil,” Global Environmental Politics, 2018
  • “The Politics of Pacific Ocean Conservation: Lessons from the Pitcairn Islands Marine Reserve,” Pacific Affairs, 2017 (with Justin Alger)
  • Loggers and Degradation in the Asia-Pacific: Corporations and Environmental Management, 2001

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Key Publications: 

  • Fragmenting Globalization: Global Value Chains and the Politics of Preferential Trade Agreements in China and the United States, 2021
  • How China Sees the World: Insights from Chinese International Relations Scholars, 2019
  • “Historical Ownership and Territorial Disputes”, Journal of Politics, 2020

Current research projects: SSHRC project on territorial disputes in Asia

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 Key Publications: 

Courses this term: POLI 513B 001 2020W Current Debates in Comparative Political Economy: Globalization and Democracy

Current research projects: Institutional Responses to AI-related Technological Disruption (with focus on Japan, Korea, Taiwan)

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  Key Publications: 

  • "Singapore's Pandemic Election" Pacific Affairs, 2020.
  • "Islamic Politics, Mobilisation, and the Indonesian Presidential Election" Political Science, 2018
  •  "Malapportionment in Myanmar's Elections" Contemporary Southeast Asia

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  Key Publications: 

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