Migration policy and politics

 Key Publications:

  • The Comparative Politics of Immigration: Policy Choice in Germany, Canada, Switzerland, and the United States (2021)
  • States against Migrants: Deportation in Germany and the United States (2009)
  • “Human-capital Citizenship and the Changing Logic of Immigrant Admissions,” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 2019

Current Courses: POLI 516C Debates in Migration and Citizenship

Research Project:

  • Immigration Bureaucracies in an Era of Anti-Immigration Populism
  • Graphic Narratives of Migration
  • Belonging in Unceded Territory

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 Key Publications:

  • Immigration and the American Ethos (Cambridge University Press), 2020
  • "Mass Opinion and Immigration Policy in the United States: Re-Assessing Clientelist and Elite Perspectives," Perspectives on Politics, 2016
  • "Public Attitudes Toward Immigration Policy Across the Legal/Illegal Divide," Political Behavior, 2016

Research Project: Understanding public support for cultural pluralism in immigrant-receiving countries

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