Public Policy

Key Publications 

  • "The origins and effects of public servant confidence in whistleblowing protection regimes." Public Administration, 2020
  • "Whom do bureaucrats believe? A randomized controlled experiment testing perceptions of credibility of policy research". Policy Studies Journal, 2017
  • "Experimenting with public sector innovation: Revisiting Gow for the digital era." Canadian Public Administration, 2020

Research Project: Canadian Public Sector Research Panel w/ Étienne Charbonneau (ENAP)

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Key Publications 

  • The Comparative Politics of Immigration: Policy Choice in Germany, Canada, Switzerland, and the United States (2021)
  • “Do Policy Legacies Matter? Past and Present Guest Worker Recruitment in Germany,” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 2015
  • “When Can Liberal States Avoid Unwanted Immigration? Self-Limited Sovereignty and Guestworker Recruitment in Switzerland and Germany," World Politics, 2013

Research Project: Immigration Bureaucracies in an Era of Anti-Immigration Populism

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  Key Publications: 

  • “Deliberating Surveillance Policy:  Congress, the FBI, and the Abuse of National Security Letters, “ Journal of Policy History, 2016.
  • “The Cooperative Resolution of Policy Conflict,” American Political Science Review (1989)
  • The Politics of Deregulation (1985)

Current Research Project:  Deliberating Surveillance Policy in Congress

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