Democratic Theory and Practice

Key Publications:

  • Political Institutions and Practical Wisdom: Between Rules and Practice, 2018
  • Strong Constitutions: Social-Cognitive Origins of the Separation of Powers, 2013
  • New Institutions for Participatory Democracy in Latin America: Voice and Consequence (Edited), 2012

Current courses: POLI 516A Democratization

Current projects: Democracy and the Common Good

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Key Publications:

  • Distributed Democracy: Health Care Governance in Ontario, 2020
  • "Role-playing in public engagement for housing for vulnerable populations: An experiment exploring its possibilities and limitations". Land Use Policy, 2020
  • "Venue Coupling and Actor Circulation in Deliberative Systems: Health Care Governance in Ontario." Journal of Deliberative Democracy, 2020

Current projects: Role-playing in public engagement in local government contexts

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Key Publications:

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Key Publications: 

  • Democracy in contested territory: on the legitimacy of global legal pluralism,” Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, forthcoming.
  • “Critical International Political Theory,” with Seyla Benhabib, Oxford Handbook of International Political Theory, 2018
  • “Hannah Arendt reads Carl Schmitt’s The Nomos of the Earth: a dialogue on law and geopolitics from the margins,” European Journal of Political Theory, 2017

Current research projects: Contested Territory: A Theory of Land and Democracy beyond the Bounds of Sovereignty (book manuscript in progress).

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Key Publications:

  • "Four Arenas: Malaysia's 2018 Election, Reform, and Democratization" Democratization, 2020.
  • "Explaining Elections in Singapore: Dominant Party Resilience and Valence Politics" Journal of East Asian Studies, 2018

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  Key Publications:

  • "A Problem-Based Approach to Democratic Theory." American Political Science Review, 2017
  • “How Representation Enables Democratic Citizenship.” In Creating Political Presence: The New Politics of Democratic Representation, 2019
  • “Authoritarian and Democratic Pathways to Meritocracy in China.” in Deparochializing Political Theory, 2020

Current courses: POLI 546D - Democratic Theory

Current projects: Participedia: Strengthening Democracy by Mobilizing Knowledge of Democratic Innovations.

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  Key Publications: 

  • “Having Their Say:  Authority, Voice, and Satisfaction with Democracy,” Journal of Politics, 2019
  •  “Institutional Deliberation,” in Dryzek, et al., Handbook of Deliberative Democracy. 2018
  • “The Cooperative Resolution of Policy Conflict,” American Political Science Review. 1989

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Key Publications: 

Courses this year: POLI 521A Political Theory

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