Politics of the Global South

  Key Publications: 

  • Challenges to Democracy in the Andes: Strongmen, Broken Constitutions, and Regimes in Crisis editor, 2022
  • “Making Sense of Competitive Authoritarianism: Lessons from the Andes,” Latin American Politics and Society, 2018.
  • Latin America’s Left Turns: Politics, Policies, and Trajectories of Change, edited with Eric Hershberg, 2010.
  • “The Return of Oligarchy: Threats to Representative Democracy in Latin America,” Third World Quarterly, forthcoming.
  • “Pathways to Inclusion in Latin America,” in The Inclusionary Turn in Contemporary Latin American Democracies,  2021.

Current courses: POLI 511 - Comparative Politics

Current research projects: Resilience of Defective Democracies in the Andes

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Teaching 2023: POLI 562A - Topics in IR: Global Environmental Politics

Current Research Projects: Corporations and the Politics of Environmental Activism in the Global South

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